[ Consultancy for Petrophysics, Reserves and Resources Assessment ]


The Consultant offers a petrophysical interpretation service backed by a strong technical training and the experience developed in all the basins of Argentina and in several of South America.
In both conventional and non-conventional reservoirs, proprietary software and programs developed especially for naturally fractured reservoirs (Tyta software) are used, which allows the discrimination of fracture and matrix porosity together with the storage ratio in the double porosity system. In addition, well analysis and workover programs are carried out for asset enhancement projects.

PDF: Selection of work performed

Reserves and Resources Assessment

One of the pillars of the consultancy was and continues to be the audit of reserves and resources in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. In 2007, Daniel Pérez obtained approval as a certifier (registration 028) from the Secretary of Energy of Argentina and since then he has carried out more than 50 certifications.
Consulting work can be carried out in conjunction with geo-scientists and engineers from the company's Staff as well as completely independently.

PDF: Certifications of hydrocarbon reserves carried out