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With more than forty years of experience in the oil industry, at the beginning of 1999 Daniel E. Pérez created [dp] Consultora, whose primary objectives are to provide consulting services in petrophysical interpretation and reserve certification, along with training courses and field trips for upstream oil companies. Throughout these years, this type of service has been provided to the most important companies in the sector in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and México.

The experience in naturally fractured reservoirs started in 1977 and developed in all the Argentine basins and in Bolivia and Peru, together with permanent updating, allows [dp] consultancy to capitalize on this experience and offer a specific service at the level of excellence for this type of reservoirs, with special emphasis on productive igneous sills. The idea of the consultancy is to offer an outsourced service that with a lower cost and a very high efficiency helps companies in their development.

For this, our philosophy is:
• We believe that the provision of services is a relationship with the customer supported by trust, quality and delivery.
• Encourage the creation of knowledge that is useful for the companies. We apply the best scientific methods, we know the business. The goal should be to create value by lowest possible cost.
• Have an entrepreneurial attitude within a framework of strict ethics.
• Generate project ideas understanding the client's needs.
• New ideas with experience in our slogan.

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