[ Training and Field Trips ]

Professional training has been from the beginning a constant dedication of the consulting firm, arising as a response to the need that companies had to have agile, practical and adjusted courses to the needs of the company, serving to equip participants with the tools necessary.
All courses are systemically designed and composed of modules. This allows it to be adjusted to the client's needs. These trainings have been carried have been carried in company or open (IAPG, University of Buenos Aires, Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons, etc.)

[ Field Trips ]

During the last decade and at present, important hydrocarbon discoveries have taken place both in Argentina and South America in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, developed in limestone, in sands, in basement rocks and in igneous sills.
The excellent quality and continuity of the outcrops of fractured levels in the South Mendocina area (folded belt of the Andes Mountains) have generated the preparation of a Field School with a center in the Villa de Malargue (Mendoza). Its philosophy is to visualize and characterize the same reservoirs that are productive of hydrocarbons in nearby oil fields.

For more information on Field Trips, please contact daniel.perez@dpconsultora.com.ar

[ Profiles and Petrophysical Interpretation Courses ]

It ranges from introductory courses for new professionals through basic and advanced interpretation courses to advanced courses in petrophysical interpretation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs and igneous lons.

PDF: Logs and Petrophysical Interpretation

[ Reserve Audit Courses ]

The objective is to explain the different deterministic and stochastic methodologies accepted for the evaluation of reserves and resources. The course combines a theoretical base with a strong practical content. The accumulated experience allows the development of concepts to unify the criteria and understand the differences between the different definitions of reserves (SPE-EPC-AAPG-SPE-SEC and SEN).

PDF: Reserves and Resources Courses